Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Q&A with nanotech investor guru

from the latest issue of NanoNews-Now covering Investing In Nanotechnology.
Editor Rocky Rawstern interviews nanotech investment guru Jack Uldrich. Select Quotes:
Source: NanoNews
NN: What do you say to potential investors about companies that are raking in tens of millions of dollars in VC funding without having a near-term product?
First off, neither VC's nor individual investors should invest in "science projects." If a company doesn't have a real product (or at least a plan to develop a real product) - stay away! Having said that, I am comfortable if a VC chooses to invest in a company that may not have a viable product for 3 to 7 years - after all it is their (or their investors) money they are using.

NN: Who do you like these days, who are you keeping an eye on, and why?
On the conservative side, I like a number of the Fortune 100 companies, including Intel, IBM, GE, IBM 3M and Dow. Granted, these aren't the sexiest companies and they are unlikely to yield sizeable returns, but they do understand how nanotechnology can improve many of their existing business lines and they are working on those improvements today. Furthermore, they have the resources to invest in those nanotechnology-enabled products that can lead to entirely new business in the future. Lastly, because they have the resources, I think they are going to smash a number of their smaller competitors.

—Jack Uldrich, President, The NanoVeritas Group, author of Investing In Nanotechnology: Think Small, Win Big (available in March 2006).


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