Thursday, January 05, 2006

Philips Israel develops innovative computer imaging system

The first clinical trial of the new system is taking place at a large medical center.

Royal Philips Electronics’ (NYSE: PHG; Amsterdam: PHI) Haifa-based subsidiary Philips Medical Systems has devised a new computer imaging technology, the first of its kind in the world.

The new technology uses energy receivers operating at several levels simultaneously. Philips invested millions of dollars in developing the system. The first clinical trial of the new system is taking place at a large medical center.

Philips Medical Systems Israel head Shlomo Catran said that development of the new system originated in growing demand from doctors. ”Philips’s accumulated know-how in CT systems is being translated into technological innovation at the level of x-ray data transmission and reception, and computer processing of their results.

The Haifa development center is leading this effort, and the Israeli medical system has the privilege of being the first in the world to be exposed to the new technology,” he said. Catran added that another significant innovation developed by Philips was whole body scanner and diagnostic system, which provided images an entire organ within the body.


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