Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Web 2.0- Now the "stock" Market

Invest virtual money on the web 2.0 stock market based on Alexa.com reach.

Originally reported by Michael Arrington (Tech Crunch)

Alexadex is a great new marketplace for web sites. Upon signing up the user is given $10,000 to start. The price of a share is set at the site's daily reach per million, according to Alexa.com.

To start playing you need to create an account, then start buying shares. You get a daily quote for the sites you wish to buy.

My Strategy: Alexa works on a 12-24 hours delay so sites that have received a lot of traffic today will appreciate in value the following day. The key is to buy sites on the day they become popular. For example, let say there is a rumour story posted on digg.com reddit.com or del.icio.us/popular spurl.net furl.net.

Another technique is to buy sites which top players refer to as "cyclical" (ie. those that tend to receive high traffic on a particular day of the week). Popular examples of cyclicals include sites with sport news, cinema listings, daily market news etc. For example most nfl matches are on Sunday thus nfl.com will receive highest traffic on that day. The strategy then is to buy nfl.com on Sunday and sell on Monday. Finally one of the best ways to learn is to watch the top players and their transactions

Start Playing!


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