Tuesday, April 24, 2007

A lot has been written about 5Min

Israeli start-up 5Min describes itself as a place to find short video solutions for any practical question and a forum for people wanting to share their knowledge.

5Min's goal is to create a community Life VideoPedia, by providing user generated instructional videos that serve as visual tutorials on a wide range of topics. Current categories include arts, business, fashion, sports, health, tech, food, and much more.

5min was founded by three Israeli entrepreneurs: Ran Harnevo, Hanan Lashover and Tal Simantov. The founders philosophy of is that any solution can be visually explained in less than 5 minutes.

Unique features include the ability to watch clips in slow motion, frame-by-frame or even zoom in and the option to leave a question to be answered by a 5min expert.

As reported by Alarm Clock and NetTeeVee, 5Min recently raised $300,000 in angel funding from unidentified investors. They are joining several other companies in the how-to video field such as Jabbits and the more stablished VideoJug.

Some of the popular videos are:

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