Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Goodbye HTML, Hello Flash - Wix.com Starts The Web-Top Revolution

"Every time you say web 3.0 a start up dies". Israeli stealth startup Wix.com is part of the revolution.

Wix, currently in private beta, enables users to create flash-based websites without writing a single line of code or being a guru designer. Wix believes that the time has come to for everyone to produce great web content on their own - by providing an open platform to create flash sites.

The sites can then be published on Wix or anywhere on the web. To top it off, users can import content from sites like Youtube, Facebook, Flickr etc, and Wix transforms their creations into widgets published on social networks.

So far, there have been plenty of web page creators that enabled composing simple HTML page , including: Google Page Creator, Synthasite, Weebly and Jimdo, but Wix is the first one to introduce Flash. Today to change the looks or even a word in a flash component, the user needed a developer or a flash designer involved. Not anymore.

The Web-Top Revolution
According to its website, Wix compares the web today to the print industry before 1985. Back then, even the simplest printing job required an expert, they say. Web publishing is not different today. To build a media rich web site, content creators also need to contact an expert, be it an HTML programmer or a flash designer. Wix believes that it can lead the 'web top revolution' by empowering users to create web sites, widgets, layout, slideshows, blogs and more.

The parent company is called WixPress and it is led by co-founder and CEO Giora (Gig) Kaplan, and co-founder Nadav Abrahami. Wixpress was founded on September of 2006 and has a team of 20based in Tel Aviv. The company raised an undisclosed seed round back in August.

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At 3:06 PM, Blogger israelexperience2007 said...

Will content from this program face the same issue as Flash-created websites regarding search engine optimization? Meaning, will search engines be able to read this content for ranking purposes?

At 3:46 PM, Blogger Venture Capital Cafe said...

I contacted the founders to get their official comment, but in the meanwhile:
In my opinion SEO is definitely going to be a challenge for a flash only site. That said, a well-ranked site will not be 'punished' for having flash components.

At 1:05 AM, Blogger israelexperience2007 said...

According to an entry on the IsraGood site, Wix has said that Flash-based web pages using the site will be search engine friendly. This will certainly be an interesting company to follow once it is out of the beta version and open to everyone.


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