Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Up and runnning: Newsvine - The first news social network

Newsvine is a news bookmarking-social network-digg kind of service. I am mentioning the site since it's the first serious try to create one big blogging network based on news analysis and commentary. The great majority of stories you read on major news sites come from The Associated Press. Newsvine gets its articles from both a wide array of Assosiated Press sites like CNN, MSNBC, ESPN (hundreds or thousands per day) and Newsvine authors as well as any story from around the web that a Newsvine user finds interesting.

As a registered user one can post his own articles, comment on others and start a chat room. Users are encouraged to write their own columns and recieve 90% of the ad-revenue generated from their work. There are no ads displayed in the beta stage of the service.

Sounds great. Now what?

Newsvine is currently running on a beta version that I was invited to test, but if you'd like to check it out, just leave me a comment and I'll shoot you an invitation.
you can check out my Newsvine page here.


At 11:57 PM, Anonymous Stumax said...

Hey, Eze, I'd love to check out Newsvine. If you've still got any invites, would you zip one off to me at stumaxis at gmail? Many thanks.

At 11:45 AM, Anonymous Stumax said...

Thanks, Eze! I just got the invite and started poking around Newsvine. I'm looking forward to spending some more time with the site tonight.

Since you asked, by day I work for an environmental consulting firm. By night I scour the net for the latest trends and technologies, especially in the New Media space. I'm a founding organizer of Seattle Mind Camp ( and I'm helping to grow the Seattle Podcasting Meetup group through our new site, I also maintain, an online Haitian history site.

Thanks again for the intro to Newsvine!


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