Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Boost Virality of Website Content - Introducing "Wildfire"

Israeli startup Gigya, developer of social-sharing tools, was recently nomintaed as one of the hottest startups by KillerStartups.com. (In case you were curious, other names on the list included YoName, CambrianHouse, Xing and Ganges).

Gigya's latest product, Wildfire, is useful tool for both social networkers and bloggers.

Wildfire enables the one-click posting of content to social networks such as MySpace or Xanga. This functionality lets users share content such as videos, slide shows, music, games, and widgets without leaving the content provider's site, replacing the clumsy copy/paste technique.
"We are already bringing social-sharing tools directly to consumers via
our Gigya Webmail product. Now, with the debut of Wildfire, our website
partners can provide dynamic-sharing functionalities directly to their
users," said Eyal Magen, Gigya's CEO.
Wildfire claims to boost the sharing and posting of website content via social networks, blogs and emails. Without leaving a website, users can one-click post directly into their profile or blog, increasing distribution of content and length of user session.

Gigya was founded in November 2006 and is backed by Benchmark Capital and First Round Capital.

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