Thursday, May 31, 2007

UGC for Your Cell Phone - Powered by Mobixie

Content is king. Everyone knows that. Mobixie rides on that WAP wave.

Israeli based Mobixie developed a proprietary IP network that allows downloading and sharing free content: videos, ring tones, screen savers, games and graphics. The service is available to users with a data plan from their carrier and a 2.5G java enabled handset.

In addition to free download, an upload feature enables users to contribute content to everyone, or store personal content on Mobixie's server to free handset memory. Users can also share content by sending SMS links, including friends without Mobixie. SMS links do not contain the actual file and enable the recipient to download the file without size limitation.

Based in Tel Aviv, Mobixie is a private company founded in 2006 by Boaz Dremer, Gal Blank and Noam Aharon. Most recently, Mobixie was among top 5 finalist in the Best Startup Competition held in March 2007 in Israel by Microsoft, KPMG and TheMarker.

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