Wednesday, May 02, 2007

SpeedBit's Speedy Growth

Tired of staring at a motionless movie player while waiting to watch videos online?

Israeli startup SpeedBit, creator of the popular Download Accelerator, has found a way to innovate and leverage the exponential growth of videos online.

Delivering high quality videos to fast to the end-user has become a real challenge even for the big video sites such as YouTube and MetaCafe. These performance barriers slow down the adoption of the online rich media.

SpeedBit's latest product, SpeedBit Video Accelerator improves the viewing experience of streaming videos by alliviating the frustration of 'movie freezes' and buffering problems. The product claims to increase the video download speed from 400 to 1,000 percent, using patent pending multi connection technology to accelerate the caching of streaming videos.

In addition, the technology even allows users to view films on YouTube without disruption while BitTorrent is downloading at full speed - something that was technically almost impossible before the introduction of the new software. More features can be found here.

According to CEO Ariel Yarnitsky, the new product has attracted 1 million users in two weeks, and 20-30K new users are signing up every day. The product is downloadable for free and is not being monetized at the moment. However, Yarnitzky has several plans to cut the coupon by offering a premium service for the accelerated downloading of video files from iTunes. Using SpeedBit's technology, a film that normally takes three and a half hours to download from iTunes will take only 22 minutes.

Speedbit was founded in 1999 by Yerach and Idan Feigenbaum (father and son) and currently has 30 employees. Speedbit is funded by Pitango venture capital and Yossi Vardi (founder investor of ICQ).

Download the Video Accelerator here.

How does it work?

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At 6:21 AM, Blogger adra said...

from Speedbit:

"You may download the SpeedBit Video Accelerator latest release
from then install and check it's performance again. ( Please note: Very important restart your computer after the installation process is completed)

At 2:20 AM, Blogger Joe said...

you have to check out the new video accelerator 2.2 beta. it accelerates videos from all the major video sites like metacafe, facebook, my space video and loads more!
Download it from:


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