Friday, June 29, 2007

Quigo, a serious alternative for Google's Ad-Sense, Preparing for IPO


Globes Online reports that Quigo, the NYC and Israel based online contextual ad technology provider, is preparing for a Nasdaq IPO in early 2008.

Quigo has raised $30 million from Institutional Venture Partners, at a company value of $250 million, as part of the preparations for the offering, it says. It closed a $5 million first round in 2004.

By providing a real alternative to Google's ad product, Quigo has earned a place amongst publishing giants such as,, Time Inc, using a custom-version of Quigo's service across their site portfolio. Time and Quigo estimate ad revenues through this cooperation to be over $100 million in the first three years of the partnership.

The company's flagship product, Ad Sonar is a content-targeted advertising network that connects publishers and advertisers through an auction-based, pay-per-click marketing platform. Using Ad sonar advertisers can see the specific pages on which their ads will appear – usually on the best, most popular sites in their category. The product has been making steady gains in the contextual ad market since 2005.

Quigo was co-founded by Yaron Galai, now the company's Senior Vice President and Oded Itzhak, who developed the propietary technologies.

Below is a recent two-part interview with Michael Yavonditte, Quigo's CEO, courtesy of
Part 1:

Part 2:

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