Friday, September 28, 2007

Dapper launches AppMaker - Mass Production of Facebook Apps

If you build it, they will come.

Israeli based Dapper, a widget creation site has announced the launch of AppMaker - a tool that converts any Dapper feed (Dapp), into a fully independent Facebook app. If you are not familiar with Dapper, I recommend checking out the video demo here.

This could be a huge boost to the already booming Facebook app marketplace, as anyone can now create a Facebook app, without writing a single line of code.

From the Dapper blog:

"Use your own header, footer, background styling — really make it yours — and with absolutely no programming. If you can make a Dapp, you can make a Facebook app."
AppMaker launched on 9/26, and it's already getting traction from several of Dapper's content providers. Israeli based made this app while the service was in private beta. MTV Programming is working on several apps, among others see their MySuperSweet 16 app.

Founded in 2006, Dapper is headed by CEO Eran Shir and CTO Jon Aizen and employs a team of 15. The company raised a $1.2M funding round from Accel Partners and is currently in process of setting up their San Francisco office.

UPDATE: Google Launched their a Google News Facebook App this week, but here was already an unofficial Google News application created by Dapper a couple of months ago. The official one is a little faster, and can handle multiple queries in a more gracefully. See the screen shots below.

Dapper's Goo News:

The Official Google News:

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