Monday, July 16, 2007

How to raise money from VCs?

This funny video was posted on 5min (covered here before), Techcrunch and will probably be on every Israeli VC blog very soon.

It's a parody in Hebrew that provides entrepreneurs tips on raising VC money. I'm afraid that the subtitles don't do the humor much justice, but it's certainly worth your 5 minutes.

Some amusing tips:
  1. In the presentation, have a logo of a different fund. VCs love to invest in companies that others are invested in.
  2. Be Cool - VCs are serious, but you should be part of the vibe. You are the vibe - the vibe is you.
  3. Say you are not a Web2.0 company - go against the current trend and use buzz words fast: UGC, P2P, CPC, and anything you can come up with. Try not to be comprehended.
  4. Make Excel your best friend. Refer to revenue as the fulfillment of a vision, not profits.
  5. Have clear goals - for example, repeat the mantra "8 million, on 68 million before the money".
View the rest here:

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