Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halloween Roundup: Google's platform, EasyStart, Ideas08 and more

A few quick bytes of recent news that didn't get their own post on VC Cafe:
  1. Open Social, Maka-Maka and Google's Attempt to Bite From the Facebook Pie
    Marc Anderssen of Ning and blog.pmarca (highly recommended read) posted a great summary of the recent API announcement. Ning is participating in the open API initiative, along with hi5, linkedin, plaxo, salesforce, friendster and more. Others companies are taking the same route by opening their platform in a similar fashion, including MySpace, the 800 pound gorilla and the web-based instant messaging platform The New York Times has the details.

    UPDATE: Ning Added a Screen Cast and screenshots of Open Social in action:

    Open Social Screen Cast

    Find more screencasts like this on Ning Network Creators

  2. eXelate Raises $4M for Delayed-Ad Exchange
    Carmel Ventures financed the round. The Israeli based ad platform eXelate offers a marketplace called the “eXelate Targeting eXchange” which is focused on what they are calling “Delayed-Ads.” eXelate was founded in 2006 by CEO Meir Zohar and CTO Elad Efraim, who were both previously with online ad network Oridian. Roi Carthy and a:c will tell you all about it.

  3. Jamster and innerActive to Trial Mobile In-Game Advertising Service in the UK
    I sometimes get Press Releases forwarded through the blog - this was the most recent one: Jamster, one of the world's leading providers of digital entertainment, able to reach one in six consumers around the globe, and Israel based innerActive Smart Media, a leading provider of innovative ad-funded entertainment channel, have announced today a trial of a new Mobile In-Game Advertising service in the UK. Want to read more? There are plenty of sources...

  4. Easy start will give you 100K to fund your idea - interest free
    The Dan David Foundation, annually awards 3 prizes of US$ 1 million each for achievements having an outstanding scientific, technological, cultural or social impact on our world. In a recent initiative, The Marker and Dan David announced EasyStart - a new - an interest free angel loan of 100K$ for early stage start ups. In return, EasyStart takes 25% of the venture, and will receive 18 monthly installments. In addition, The Marker magazine will provide exposure to the projects, including interviews with the founders. The risk is on them - if the start up fails, the entrepreneur files for chapter 11 and is not required to return a dime. If it works, a year from inception the start up will be entitled for additional grants of up to $120K. To apply, follow this link (Hebrew)

  5. The Israel National Entrepreneurship Competition - Biztec 08
    BizTEC's mission is to be "A League" entrepreneurship competition, providing a framework within Israel that encourages entrepreneurs to act on their innovation and ultimately produce Israel's next generation of successful ventures.

    This year BizTEC has added a preliminary stage to the competition. After registration to the BizTEC website, teams will be able to submit a 1 page paper describing the IDEA concept of the venture. Teams are required to show an understanding of the business aspects for a new creative technological IDEA. The upcoming competition starts on November 4th in Israel. Register or submit your idea.

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